Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weather Forecast

I have stopped complaining about the weather here. This has happened for two reasons.
  1. I start to think about people in the Midwest who are engaging in one of my least favorite activities, scraping ice off car windshields. 
  2. This is the conversation that follows whenever I do complain.
    • Me: It sure is hot here!
    • Wise local who has been here far longer than me and is well aware that it is about to get much worse: Ha!
       From the way they talk about the approaching heat, I'm starting to wonder if I would welcome ice-scraping in its place, a thought that suggests my brain has already been addled. I've started to prepare now. Since it was a cool 95 degrees yesterday, I wore a sweater, even while I walked around outside. I tell myself that it will feel refreshing when I stop wearing sweaters during the hot season. My logic here is unshakable. Don't question it. 
       The hot season is not the only legendary phenomenon here. People have been trying to prepare me for the rainy season as well. From what they tell me, the type of hourly precipitation I am imagining can only be accurately compared to Niagara Falls. It appears that it makes no difference that Laos is a landlocked country. According to my predictions, there will be enough water to swim in the streets. I hope the Niagara Falls tour guides are here to hand out ponchos.

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  1. Your intellectual prowess continues to amaze me