Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More Starbucks Love, Completely Deserved

       I would like to direct your attention to a comment I made recently, a comment which was written sarcastically and without agenda. After driving to Thailand for coffee, I wrote, "I'm wondering whether Starbucks will renew my gold card status for going to such lengths to reach their product."
       It turns out that THEY WILL. Someone sent my last blog entry to Starbucks, and Customer Service responded, requesting that I contact them. After writing and introducing myself, they offered to issue a new gold card for me. 

        Just let that sink in for a minute. 

       When I received their email, I was about the same amount of giddy as when I found out that my sister was engaged. Congratulations, by the way, Anna. But a gold card! Who could have imagined?
       It seems that Hong Kong has the closest Starbucks to me that will accept the cards, so perhaps Hong Kong has just moved up on the list of places I should visit in the near future. Perhaps I've stumbled across a new motive to travel the world: I could drink coffee from a Starbucks in every participating country. Someone must be willing to support me financially in this endeavor, right? I'm assuming that, from now on, I can casually throw these ideas out here on this blog, and people will actually take me up on it. 
       All of this will happen only if I can get someone to send this card overseas to me. If you do, I will give you a complimentary coffee. Or write to Starbucks and tell them about your good deed. They might give you one. It's apparently worth a shot. 

Don't fret, my account is really there, ready for this gold card business again. 

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  1. !!!!!!!!! That's so exciting! Congrats on your gold card--what an accomplishment :)
    Also, congrats to Anna on her engagement!