Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kyoto: Hurry up or you'll miss all the peaceful spots.

       Kyoto has an absurd number of beautiful sights to see. Really, it's not fair to other cities. Also, I believe I saw all of these beautiful sights when I was there. Such was the scope of our sightseeing, that I'm fairly certain I've seen temples that have not even been built yet. I started referring to them by identifying a unique characteristic that would set them apart from the rest. For example, "No, the fourth temple was the one with the deer wandering around outside, and the fifth one was the one with the squeaky floors."
       The simplicity of the architecture and beauty of the Japanese gardens remind you to walk a little more slowly. The artifacts remind you that you are standing among national treasures, treasures that symbolize generations of Japanese culture and revered heritage. And the noisy school groups remind you to be thankful that you aren't thirteen anymore.

Not quite as peaceful as was intended


This is one of the most famous temples. Of course, that means that it was under scaffolding, but luckily, this coin showed us what we should have been looking at. 

Japanese garden


Beautiful stereotype

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