Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"It's Ghana, a little bit of pressure"

       Today, in the spirit of the World Cup, we went to the village to play a soccer game, Ghanaians against foreigners. I did what I do best and cheered from the sides. In between cheering, I worked on a grant application for the school, never mind that I've never actually written one before. I'm a native English speaker and a teacher, so I was handed the documents and told to write. It's strikingly similar to last Thursday, when I was told at 3:00 pm that I would be running a combined computer and classroom management course for the teachers of the school the following morning, plus every remaining Friday. It has me seriously doubting the phrase, "It's Ghana, no pressure."
       As I held the laptop in my lap, surrounded by children peering over my shoulders while I typed, I worried about what the dust was doing to the computer. Whatever it was doing, it couldn't have been good. After a while, I lost interest in the game and wandered into an abandoned classroom with an actual table on which to set the laptop and a seat on which to sit. I was relieved to find out later that the game ended in a draw. At least there won't be any incessant gloating from either side to interrupt my typing.

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