Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Unexpected

       I never thought I'd sit on a crocodile, but that's what vacations are for, getting you to do things that you never expected to do. It sure sounded dangerous at first, but he was pretty relaxed about the whole situation, so I followed his cues.

       After bidding my new friend good-bye, I did something else I never imagined doing, and walked a few feet into Burkina Faso with no documentation. They are surprisingly relaxed at the border, so after miming and using a few French words to explain what we wanted to do, they smiled and let us walk past the gates. A friendly argument ensued when we tried to take photos with the Burkina Faso sign, but the problem was solved by the photographer standing on the Ghana side of the border and taking pictures from there. No harm done.

       The most refreshing time of the day was sitting in the hills overlooking the rocky landscape. The rest of the day was spent gulping water, wiping sweat from our foreheads, and feeling quite faint, but these few minutes were complete paradise. 

       As we headed back to the bus, we got to talk to some of the most cheerful children I've ever met, and they didn't seem to mind the heat at all. They were just excited to make faces and pose for the camera, and I was happy to oblige. If there's anything I should take home with me, it's that smile right there on the left.

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