Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Elephants Have Learning Curves Too

       Some of you may have noticed that I did not write yesterday. If you were looking for pictures or tales of exciting adventures, I apologize and offer here a detailed account of the day's events:

1. I read a couple of historical novels.
2. I found a tiny lizard in my bedroom.

       That about wraps it up, so we'll just move onto today. Today, I met a different baby elephant, this one a month old. She was a little more in control of her limbs than the first baby elephant, and she eagerly explored her surroundings with her trunk. Elephants have very poor visibility. They can barely see, and my elephant is even blind in her right eye. However, as this baby is learning, sight means very little when you have the sense of smell and hearing that elephants have. They can communicate with sounds that humans cannot detect. They can feel vibrations in their feet from miles away, receiving messages from other elephants. With their trunks, they can find food from incredible distances and sense if an enemy is near. This baby is learning this from mom and from personal experience.
       She also has a little ways to go with the sensing food skill. See, she attempted to eat my hand. As she chomped away at it, I was thankful that baby elephants have only four small molars and that my fingers seemed to stay away from them. I can only assume that she was highly disappointed in her find. She tried several times to find some sort of food there, but each time wandered back to get milk from mom. I hope that as time progresses, she learns the difference between the nutritional value of grass versus human hand.

Tell me this is not one of the most precious things you've ever seen. See? You can't say it.

Making friends

Tryng to eat my hand

Going back to mom