Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Never Lie

June 19, 2012 (Date)
My dear students, (This is the greeting, remember?)

(Now, here's where you start the body.)
       You may not believe what I am about to tell you. However, you know that I never lie, so this must be true. Today, I ate a red ant. It's true. My elephant, Boonme, was ripping the leaves from a tree as I sat on top of her neck. The tree was covered in the ants, and they were crawling up her skin. My mahout, Boonma, told me to eat one and showed me how. He said, "No die, no die," so I was fairly certain that I would survive the ordeal. I hesitated as it squirmed in between my fingers, and then I went for it. It popped in my mouth, and, I kid you not, it tasted like lemon. Do not try this at home unsupervised.
       Other things happened today, but after hearing that I ate an ant, who really cares, right? In that case, I will write more tomorrow. Just remember, if you ever decide to eat an ant, its family will get back at you. I have the bites to prove it.

Sincerely, (This is the closing.)
Miss Ross
(I'm going to make you remember what this last one is called all on your own.)

Sleeping. No, just kidding. We were talking.

Shower time!

She's reaching for food that we pulled from the trees.


  1. You are awesome! Andrew and I read about your adventures together every morning. He realized right away that today's posting was written as a letter :)

  2. You ate an ant!!!!! And it tasted like lemon?!?!.....I need to rethink some things. Love reading about all your adventures!!

  3. Simply amazing! I can tell you are living a dream, it is written all over your face.. Enjoy the ride, literally & figuratively.

  4. Love sharing your experience w/you! Lemon tasting ants?!.....will take your word for it!! :D

  5. Hi Christine, This is Megan M! I'm reading your blog w/Nana! It's fun learning about elephants!

  6. Clearly Thailand is a magical place if the ants taste like a lemon. Although, I have no comparison for eating North American ants...