Thursday, June 14, 2012


       It is time. I have checked off the last item on the various lists of things to do, except for the things that I can still do in the car. Or at the airport or on the plane.
       So, it seems that I am still not ready.
       For some strange reason, it has not registered that I am flying to the other side of the world today. I slept in this morning, casually packed things into my bags, responded to e-mails, and wandered around the house. Not the typical pre-vacation routine. However, I will have plenty of time to let it sink in. My total travel time from take-off in Chicago to landing in Bangkok is 26 hours. I have a nice 10 hour layover in Beijing during the middle of the night. That will be fun, and when I say "fun," I mean "long."
       People have asked me if I'm nervous, and maybe I should be more. Perhaps I'm not, because I haven't really thought about all of the things that could go wrong. Here are my biggest concerns as of right now.

       1. I will not have access to coffee.
       2. It will rain a lot.
       3. I will not have access to coffee.

As you can see, I have really prepared myself for the worst case scenarios. This should be interesting.

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