Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ordinary Days

       As I sat down to write, I had a realization. As my day progressed, I thought that it was pleasantly routine and that nothing especially out of the ordinary was happening that I should write about. Then it occured to me that when "ordinary" has become riding elephants all day in Thailand, my perspective of real life may be a tad off.
       I have reached the point where being home right now would feel stranger than being here. This has happened to me before. It's usually the point where I run out of American shampoo or accept the fact that I won't find a Dunkin Donuts or a place that serves nachos until I get home. Well, maybe I never actually come to that place of acceptance. Let's face it, I do love donuts and coffee an absurd amount.
       The point is, I've established a comfortable routine. Certain things still surprise me, of course. If nothing ever did, why would I bother to leave home? The key is that I've learned how to act in new situations. I know how to get around. I've made friends. This makes traveling far from home far from stressful, and I highly recommend it. Just bring a donut.

Eating bananas

She's super greedy.

What's with all the babies everywhere?

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