Saturday, June 16, 2012


        Time gets distorted when I fly. Technically, my day started 18 hours ago in Beijing, China when my plane arrived at the deserted airport. I have not slept since that flight, and in that time, I have lived enough to fill several days.
        In the moment when I thought I had broken the law by leaving the terminal without proper visa paperwork, I found out that Chinese customs officials are quite friendly. I also came out on top during my first language miscommuication when, instead of asking for the check to pay for my coffee, I ordered a second one. No harm done there as far as I am concerned.
        Another flight later, I found myself in a taxi headed for Pattaya, Thailand. I was relieved when we didn't hit the cow running across the toll road to reach another cow grazing along the shoulder. I marveled at the passengers sitting in the beds of speeding pickup trucks. I reminded myself how lucky I was to enjoy air conditioning.
        Tomorrow brings a visit to the water market and the first meeting with my elephant's mahout, but until then, the breezy porch is calling my name. There are books and soft chairs there. I will be there momentarily.


  1. So glad you arrived safely! Keep the adventures coming!

  2. You're there!! I'm so glad you had a safe flight and everything is going well--remember, you need to let me know if the food is exquisite!! :)

  3. Glad that you did find coffee ! Looking forward to following your adventures:)

  4. I love living a parallel life vicariously through one of my favorite students! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story...

  5. And you were worried about finding any coffee at all ;) Glad you made it safely!